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7th Grade Geography


Geography is one of the five fields of learning in Social Studies.  Many people think that Geography is memorizing continents, countries, and capitols. Geography is more than that!

We divide geography into 5 themes - location, place, region, movement and human-environment interaction. We take the world, and talk about it by asking these questions:  Where is the area that we are talking about located?  What is it like there? What are some common themes for that area? What has been the movement in and out of that area and Why? and What have humans done to adapt to that area's environment to live?

We will not be able to cover everything that this course could included, so we will study some groups of people and places around the world using critical thinking and anyalyzing skills.

What we are learning is important. Each activity, assignment and project has a purpose.

Everyone has something to offer, everyone plays an important role in our classroom. We all have different skills, abilities, gifts and areas for improvement. That is all part of being an unique individual.

I want you to succeed but I can't help unless I know what you need. Ask questions in class when you do not understand. I can't really help you, if you can't help yourself. 

Materials - Everyday

  • Geography book
  • notebook
  • folder
  • pencils/pen
  • free reading book
  • assignment book



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