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Welcome to Mr. Eekhoff's SharePoint site. 

Choose your class from the sites above.  If you cannot access information, or need additional help, please see me. I am available during school hours or can be reached at

Class Schedule

1st Period (8:20-9:06)            HS PE

2nd Period (9:10-9:56)           Personal Finance

3rd Period (10:00-10:46)        Prep

4th Period (10:50-11:36)        Accounting

5th Period (12:07-12:51)        Entrepreneurship

6th Period (12:55-1:39)          Business Law

7th Period (1:43-2:27)            Yearbook

8th Period (2:31-3:15)            Personal Finance

Grading Scale.JPG

LMCS Practical Arts Program Outcomes Lake Mills Community Schools will provide the opportunities for students to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the principles underlying one’s program of study.
  • Summarize the characteristics of the world of work that determines one’s life career decisions.
  • Relate the economic factors to one’s career decisions.
  • Use technical and social communication skills in the performance of tasks related to one’s career placement.
  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate technologies for success in one’s career.
  • Demonstrate awareness and purpose of occupational safety.
  • Demonstrate skills and abilities to be a productive citizen.
  • Demonstrate traits of self-discipline, pride in work, goal setting, and planning.
  • Develop skills based on current career decisions.