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Employee Sites 



 Employee Sites

Participants will need to login through our website,, and click on MyFlex.  Then, they will enter their established username and password.   Participants can also view this from the mobile apps, if downloaded.

First Time Users will use the following credentials.  Please note the password is case sensitive.  Once logged in they will create a new password, and will have the option to change their username, as well. 
• Username: First initial followed by last name followed by company code number followed by the last 4 digits of his/her social security number.
• If you are unsure of your company code, please contact Advantage Administrators
• Password: Flexplan*1
All license renewals (teachers, coaches, administrators, para-educators, substitutes, etc) must be accompanied by an approved certificate of completion of the mandatory reporter training, no older than 5 years old. The certificate verifying the Mandatory Reporter Training is required to say child AND DEPENDENT ADULT abuse from an APPROVED PROVIDER. (It has to say both.)

There is a fee of $25 for all individuals completing the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse training, even if their affiliated district is opting into the AEA PD Online services fee.
Submitting a purchase requisition:
• Data Entry
o Requisition Entry
 Required fields to fill in: 
• Vendor ID:  Click on the Search icon, type the first 4 characters in the name.  Click the Filter icon and choose contains.  This should bring up your options.  You may have to adjust your search criteria.  You now have the ability to add a new vendor on your own if you do not find the one you are needing
• Double Click your vendor, or highlight and click the green 
• Requisition Description
• In the bottom grid click Add New
• Click Search icon to the right of the Account Number and then choose with number you are wanting to use.  If you do not see the appropriate number, contact me and I will add it to your options.
• Detail Description
• Quantity
• Unit Price
• Save
• Once you are done adding all of your items click on the small calculator on the top half of the screen next to requisition amount.  This will total all of your items for you.
• Add and comments or special instructions you may have under the View/Edit Comments button.
• Click the Submit button.
• Under Data Entry you can review the status of any of your submitted requisitions or Purchase Orders.
You will receive emails alerting you of approvals.  The final email you will receive will be with your Purchase Order.  You may then continue to place your order.

This is the same site that you can view your paystub on and eventually will have your leave balances and W2.

You will have to continue to submit your actual leave requests on the Attendance site http://accounting/attendance/ess.aew/default

Please contact me if you have any questions! Thanks, Jen
This is where you can:

Check your leave information
Check IN/OUT
Review your time cards - for hourly employees
Request a Leave Day
Request to use a Sick Day when you get back to work

Your Badge Number is the last 4 digits of your SS#
Your PIN Number is set as the same – once you are in you can change your PIN number

You will receive an email letting you know the status of your requests
Please log into the AEA PD Online to complete the annual Bloodborne Pathogen Training.  Attached are instructions on how to access the training…please follow the link provided in the attached instructions.  If you need assistance with your username or password, please let Joan Krull know and she can retrieve that information for you.  Please complete this training by August 25th. 

To register for a course:
1. Click on the Courses tab at the top. 
2. Right underneath, click on the Catalog button.  This will display all of the modules and self-paced courses in a “bookshelf’ display.
3. To filter the catalog, click on one of the categories on the right.  If your district has uploaded its own required trainings, you will see a button that says District Modules.
4. Once you find the module or course, click on its cover.  It will display the course description.  Click the Register button.
5. If you are not an employee of the AEA/District listed on the Course Registration page, see To Edit Personal Info above to make the change to your current AEA/District.
6. To begin the course, click Continue.
This will take you to the first page of the course.  The navigation arrows, to advance the page forward or back, are located next to the page number towards the top of the page. You can log out of your course before you have finished and then login to resume.

To print a certificate:
1.  Click on the Courses tab, and then on the Completed button underneath.
2.  Click on the title, and then click on the Certificate button.  If the certificate does not open on your screen, check your download folder for a file called doc.pdf.  If the certificate does open on your screen, you will be able to print this certificate
3. If the course is expired, you will not be able to print a certificate.